• Create community and inclusion within your own organization through: Communication at every level – your staff needs to know they’re important; Providing training and development opportunities – show that you care about staff’s personal and professional development; Providing wellness programs; Providing outreach opportunities.
    Anne Papageorge, University of Pennsylvania: Planning; Design and Construction; Facilities Operations, Maintenance, Utilities; and Real Estate Operations and Development
  • Too often we wear masks and act out roles at work. Wherever possible, look for ways to integrate what you care about into who you are at work. Identify how your work platform may actually allow you to expand that message even more broadly. Sherice Torres, Marketing Director, Google Commerce
  • Volunteer strategically to develop new skills, repurpose the ones you have or contribute your skills in a manner that provides exposure to new communities or sectors. Lisa Heffernan, NY Times Business bestselling author and blogger

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