• You will learn by teaching others. Molly Barker, Founder, Girls on the Run
  • Be intentional – set a goal and let others come along with you because that is the key to sustaining yourself through the marathon that any successful endeavor entails. Molly Barker, Founder, Girls on the Run
  • Every phase of your career is a contribution to your reputation. Nisha Agarwal, Commissioner, NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs
  • Know your stakeholders because there are people who may be positively or negatively inclined to support you and you better know the difference, and actively engage both types. Nila Betof, President of the Forum for Executive Women and co-author of the book, “Just Promoted!”
  • Look at your career as a way of composing your life. Write your own narrative unconstrained by sector definitions. Leslie Koch, President & CEO, Trust for Governor’s Island
  • Formal mentoring programs are seldom as effective as reaching out directly to someone. Be clear in what you are asking and respectful of someone’s time, but don’t assume senior people won’t have time for you, and don’t assume all mentors hold more senior roles than you. Karen Buchholz, SVP of Administration, Comcast Corp.
  • Keep long-term goals in sight – what are the steps you need to keep in sight for your business to run for a hundred years? Can you make sure those goals fulfill your personally and professionally? Niki Russ Federman, Co-Owner, Russ & Daughters
  • Be willing to learn from everybody around you. Lisa Fernandes, Chef and Owner, Sweet Chili
  • Men and women each bring important skill sets to work and at times they do fall along gendered lines. The 21st century leader needs to be intuitive and collaborative – emotionally savvy. Men shouldn’t be afraid to seek out female mentors for business as well as interpersonal acumen. John Gerzema, Chairman & CEO BAV Consulting and Consumer Insights; Author of “The Athena Doctrine”
  • Seek advice, create a community that supports what you need. Find those people that you can confide in. Anne Papageorge, University of Pennsylvania: Planning; Design and Construction; Facilities Operations, Maintenance, Utilities; and Real Estate Operations and Development
  • We need to shift the discussion from “fertility planning” to “reproductive planning.” Sarah Richards, Author, “Motherhood Rescheduled”
  • The invitation is to make an honest appraisal of whether we want to be mothers Suzanne LaJoie, ObGyn, NYU Medical Center

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