Strong Management

  • “Playing Games:” The world of work is a game with rules, boundaries and strategies, and you always play to win. You can’t win the game of work if you’re not in it. Lois Frankel, President, Corporate Coaching International
  • You will not be liked by everyone. Lois Frankel, President, Corporate Coaching International
  • Facts are our friends – data matters. We have our feelings, we want to keep those in check and express them when appropriate, but we want to be driving some of our points with data. Sallie Krawcheck, CEO & Co-Founder, Ellevest
  • Understand your stakeholders – not only what they need for their physical problem to be solved but what they need for their emotional safety and security to be satisfied. Elisa Jagerson, CEO and Owner, Speck Design
  • Be courageously vulnerable – in this age of technological transparency it’s much harder to have a “fake” life, to hide or ignore mistakes. If we don’t learn to embrace errors, they will eventually become exposed regardless. John Gerzema, Author, The Athena Doctrine
  • We have to energize the people that work with us by engaging them, recognizing them and supporting them – not only in what they are doing but how they are doing it as well. Julie Coffman, Partner, Bain & Company