We facilitate innovative and provocative meetings for organizations, boards and teams that unleash the promise and potential of individuals while simultaneously stimulating the success of the group during periods of enterprise growth, transition and crisis.

Team Meetings

We stimulate innovation by ensuring that the right people are in the room — including those not immediately obvious. We conceive constructive and challenging listening/learning environments that inspire individuals and teams to better performance. With our support, relevant voices are heard and participants dare to dream, leaving our meetings equipped with concrete follow-up steps that sustain momentum and motivate action.

Corporate Offsites

Our consultants carefully choreograph the offsite experience to ensure the integrity of content, maximize relationship building and expand human, financial and social capital – in all its forms. We shift and realign corporate and organizational cultures by surfacing overt and covert messages from leaders, colleagues and the external environment. We ensure that invitees, speakers and topics are tightly aligned with the leader’s intention, creating conditions conducive to fruitful interactions and conversations.

Global Immersion Experiences

Through our association with the social enterprise Leaders’ Quest, we work with people from all walks of life – from CEOs of multinational companies to grassroots organizers – who want to disrupt their established ways of doing business. We design experiential learning journeys that enable leaders to ask tough questions about business, society and their own leadership – connecting individual shifts in mindset to broader systemic and social change.

Talent and Leadership Development

We collaborate with Human Resources teams on the design of rigorous assessment and development programs that foster competency, promote diversity in its broadest sense, and more effectively align personal and professional goals. We draw on multiple disciplines and emerging methodologies that move beyond technical mastery to develop creative thinkers who are able to make connections from disparate ideas, challenge assumptions, build relationships, take responsibility and create meaningful impact.

Women's Leadership

Over two decades, Katzman Consulting has evolved innovative solutions to enhancing the quantity and effectiveness of women at senior levels of leadership in public corporations, private enterprises, and academic and non-profit organizations. We have created and delivered tailored programs, worked closely with in-house talent officers, and developed self-sustaining support networks that extend beyond individual events and initiatives. Melanie Katzman has also lectured internationally on the micro and macro obstacles to achieving true systemic change, and authored numerous books, chapters and journal articles on the advancement of female competencies and leadership across cultures, sectors, industries and enterprises. Many Katzman Consultants write, speak and conduct training sessions on issues related to female success in the work place – and beyond.


Our consultants, many who have relocated or are expatriates themselves, are expert in advising acclimatizing personnel and families to redefine and expand career and community opportunities in new locations. They help to create support networks while offering an optimistic but realistic assessment of strategies to achieve organizational and personal success. They also provide individualized sessions, lectures and workshops for corporate and community groups, in addition to customized materials for families and games for children.

Crisis Management

Our crisis management teams support individuals and organizations confronting personal and societal challenges and crises. From divorce and death to radical changes in markets, systemic surprises and failures, terrorist attacks and natural disasters including earthquakes and hurricanes, Katzman consultants help to coordinate organizations’ strategic responses, deliver tailored workshops and seminars, and support communications teams in the development of cost-effective employee and community outreach programs that boost resiliency while accelerating personal and organizational recovery.

Since 2001, Melanie Katzman has been a member of the NYC Medical Reserve Corps.