Expanding Impact

By expanding clients’ customary sight lines, we challenge leaders and organizations to leverage the potency of their position and to amplify their influence with intention. Our work incites strategies that maximize clients’ positive impact on their communities and the wider world.

Global Leadership: Power, Position, Purpose and Point of View

As an international consortium of consultants trained in the academic and practical disciplines of leadership, we have stayed at the forefront of reorienting the cultural conception of leadership to incorporate a more contemporary global dimension. Our skills build clients’ capacities to expand their power, potential and purpose, while illuminating the profound effects of individual and group decisions on communities and the world.

Across all of our practice areas, we challenge clients to exert a more positive impact across broad sectors of society. While our work to expand our clients’ perspective infuses every engagement, services such as legacy coaching and global immersion experiences provide clearly defined means to connect individual and organizational potential and purpose to the traditional pursuit of power and profit. We inspire clients to look beyond their accustomed field of vision to promote more informed decision-making, and develop a more acute appreciation of the potential positive as well as negative consequences of their choices. We work with leaders to identify, reclaim and more closely integrate their personal and professional passions, producing greater individual and organizational energy. By increasing the resiliency and positive impact of both leaders and enterprises, we cultivate authentically motivational cultures. Ultimately, we empower people to find their unique voices and express a clearly defined point of view, which matters profoundly to themselves and others.