• Look for ways to be generous at work and in all relationships. Nisha Agarwal, Commissioner, NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs
  • Work from a united sense of pride and generosity. Know that each of you have done your part. Niki Russ Federman, Co-Owner, Russ & Daughters
  • There is power in generosity, it’s not about keeping an anxious hold on information, it is instead about going out in the world and sharing and collaborating. John Gerzema, Chairman & CEO BAV Consulting and Consumer Insights; Author of “The Athena Doctrine”
  • There’s no point in our career that we can’t do something for ourselves and for others. Karen Buchholz, SVP of Administration, Comcast Corp.
  • Generosity is one of the key elements in becoming a good leader. Mika Brzezinski, Co-host, NBC’s Morning Joe