United Health Group (UHG)

UnitedHealth Group

We supported Judah Sommer, founder and former Global Head of Government Affairs at Goldman Sachs, as he advised on the firm’s influential regulatory relationships and interactions with significant stakeholders, and the public sector. Our work focused on increasing collaboration between individual team members located in New York, Washington D.C.; London and cities in Asia and Europe to clarify and achieve social and business objectives.

After Judah moved to the United Health Group, a Fortune 21 company with over $87 billion in revenue, we worked with Jud on communicating his vision, structuring the team, defining roles and creating examples of best practices — all this with a group of relatively autonomous lobbyists working in different locations, many of whom never met each other in person.

As the Obama administration’s proposed health care reforms prompted the company to prepare a coordinated response strategy, we worked together to form a nationally integrated team, composed of government affairs representatives drawn from decentralized affiliates across the country, achieving the goal of enhancing the team’s positive impact on the unfolding national healthcare debate.

“Melanie has advised me for over a decade, across two jobs in financial services and in health care. She has a keen sense of what motivates people coupled with an astute understanding of corporate culture. When I was asked to move from Goldman Sachs to the United Health Group my transition plan included bringing Melanie with me. Melanie and her associates advised me and my team at major inflection points during my leadership, providing critical interpersonal insights that have helped me make tough decisions.”