Red Thread Good

Red Thread Good Coffee-Sag Harbor, NY

Having initially resolved to work as a lawyer at a Wall Street firm for a “few years” after law school, in order to “gather some foundational training and then leave to change the world,” Vivian engaged Katzman Consulting after decades of successful corporate practice to reconnect to and ultimately develop a strategy for achieving her lifelong mission to ensure inclusion and respect for all. The advisory work began by strategizing ways Vivian could achieve system change while working within the established enterprise of her firm, and the legal profession, leveraging her legal expertise and the respect she had garnered over the years. As chair of her firm’s diversity program she introduced initiatives that shifted the field’s approach to inclusion, designed to produce a cascading impact through the entire vendor chain.

At the same time, Vivian began building her personal brand, preparing for her “next chapter.” Recognizing the importance of her voice in shifting public debate, Vivian became more purposeful in pursuing speaking and writing opportunities. Ultimately she decided she would not only speak about, but would indeed launch a novel line of consumer products and services, promoting a new way of doing business and provoking more conscious consumerism. Vivian left her law firm and captured the coherence of her wide-ranging interests, and her personal brand, in an entity she has called Red Thread Good, to signify the new web of connections defining her purposeful, versatile and flexible life. We continue to work with Vivian as she refines the Red Thread Good business ventures to support her continuing goal of changing the world and living her dreams.

“As I strive to live a life examined, and have greater focus on what is meaningful to me, Melanie has been the most insightful advisor. She is a fellow traveler on the road to changing the world for the better, and has been invaluable in helping me define and express my mission, and tie together what I had previously experienced as disparate interests. At a time of career transition and personal loss, she enabled me to shift my mindset from upheaval to possibility. As a result of our work, I am integrating my capacities as an attorney, artist, activist, philosopher and entrepreneur to model new ways of doing business , promoting possibilities for many while pursuing a profit and changing the perspective of people.”