Construction Information Systems (CIS)

Construction Information Systems

Co-founded in 1991 by Don Colabella, a former executive with a number of major New York City contractors and his daughter Chris, whose background is in finance, Construction Information Systems (CIS) has been the Northeast’s leading online provider of project information for the construction industry for more than two decades. We worked closely with the family to clarify next stage personal and professional goals, shift and articulate roles and support a smooth generational transition as Chris, the President of CIS, assumed the lead on all company operations, strategic planning and new product development.

A strong visionary and single mother of two teenage girls, we supported Chris as she has become a sought-after public spokesperson in a traditionally male-dominated industry.  Together we worked on strategy, delegation, increasing personal and organizational capacity and solidifying business and family boundaries.  As a result Chris successfully launched a new product line (C-Source – the most detailed online directory for the construction industry), codified sales training and is on the way to  achieving her goal of transitioning CIS from a strictly business-to-business online marketing company to a destination on-line community in her field.

“Our work with Katzman Consulting on building, growing and transforming our business while smoothly resolving any and all outstanding family and generational transition concerns has paid off for us in multiple dimensions. From our bottom line to our personal happiness to our professional expectations for the future, we look forward to continuing our advisory and consulting relationship with KC as we evolve our agenda to become a uniquely credible and knowledgeable voice in our industry.”