Goldman Sachs

KC associates located in the US, UK, and Europe began working with Goldman Sachs’ leadership in 1995 and the relationship continues to this day providing advice, coaching, and facilitation. Many of our associates worked closely for over two years with G.S. partners and their teams in NY and London to develop quantifiable behavioral measures for recruitment, development and promotion providing greater transparency, career mobility, and opportunity to recruit from a diverse employment pool. We advised the Technology Division of Goldman Sachs on the conception and roll-out of one of the first global competency-based performance review and career development initiatives in the industry.

Members of the KC team facilitated implementation and enhanced coordination between the Goldman Sachs in-house human resources teams and international cadres of coaches, and we evolved new leadership development training programs designed for employees at all levels of the organization. We also conceived and delivered leadership skills classes and trained the trainers to cascade programs globally while codifying and communicating complex concepts to diverse audiences.

“Our work with Katzman Consulting set a precedent in the field of human capital management – we accomplished our goals for Goldman Sachs and went beyond our objectives in shifting the paradigm of people development.”

NICOLE PAPPAS, CEO of PeopleVoyage; formerly Director of Education and Development for the Technology Division of UBS AG, and past Global Vice President of Learning and Development for the Technology Division of Goldman Sachs & Co.


We have been a trusted advisor to Kristin Frank for the past ten years as she advanced from Content Distribution and Marketing, to her current role as Executive Vice President of Viacom Music and LOGO’s Connected Content Group where she plays a vital role in the most visited online music destination with nearly 60 million unique visitors each month.

While in Content Distribution and Marketing, we coached Kristin on ways to grow her internal platform combining business acumen with content creation. Our relationship continued when Kristin co-lead the launch of the LGBT channel, Logo. We advised her team on new ways to better connect with and serve a previously undeserved audience creating an entrepreneurial environment housed within the larger corporation. We changed the way the team thought about themselves and their jobs– they were not simply creating entertainment; they were generating social change in an inclusive, profitable way. Logo has since served as an incubator for innovation at Viacom pioneering an industry shift from channel distribution to a convergent multiplatform content delivery strategy.

When Kristin was promoted to General Manager of Digital Media at MTV and VH1, once again, Katzman Consulting was by the team’s side facilitating a merger of teams, creating and implementing a shared vision and re-organizing/redefining roles to achieve profit and growth without increasing resources.

“Over the last decade and across four positions of increasing responsibility, Katzman Consulting has been my North Star.  They have provided perspective, clarity and a deep appreciation of my personal strengths, offering valued council on interpersonal dynamics, best practices in restructuring teams to respond to changing market demands and providing an important sounding board while I sought to inspire larger and larger groups within and outside of Viacom. On an individual level, knowing I had a true advocate and honest mirror increased my confidence and impact. For my team, KC’s advice has been critical in achieving our strategic imperatives, adapting our people to seismic change, and evolving new ways of thinking and conducting our business to succeed in the connected content age.”

KRISTIN FRANK, EVP Viacom Music and LOGO's Connected Content Group

UnitedHealth Group

We supported Judah Sommer, founder and former Global Head of Government Affairs at Goldman Sachs, as he advised on the firm’s influential regulatory relationships and interactions with significant stakeholders, and the public sector. Our work focused on increasing collaboration between individual team members located in New York, Washington D.C.; London and cities in Asia and Europe to clarify and achieve social and business objectives.

After Judah moved to the United Health Group, a Fortune 21 company with over $87 billion in revenue, we worked with Jud on communicating his vision, structuring the team, defining roles and creating examples of best practices — all this with a group of relatively autonomous lobbyists working in different locations, many of whom never met each other in person.

As the Obama administration’s proposed health care reforms prompted the company to prepare a coordinated response strategy, we worked together to form a nationally integrated team, composed of government affairs representatives drawn from decentralized affiliates across the country, achieving the goal of enhancing the team’s positive impact on the unfolding national healthcare debate.

“Melanie has advised me for over a decade, across two jobs in financial services and in health care. She has a keen sense of what motivates people coupled with an astute understanding of corporate culture. When I was asked to move from Goldman Sachs to the United Health Group my transition plan included bringing Melanie with me. Melanie and her associates advised me and my team at major inflection points during my leadership, providing critical interpersonal insights that have helped me make tough decisions.”

Judah Sommer, Senior Counsel, Crowell and Moring, previously Senior Vice President, Government Affairs at United Health Group; former Global Head of Government Affairs, Goldman Sachs

Olshan Properties (formerly MPI)

We worked with the leadership team of this over forty-year-old privately-held national real estate firm, which oversees over $2 billion of income-producing real estate assets, including retail, residential, hotel and office properties, on a wide range of strategic and interpersonal issues. We advised on an intergenerational CEO transition and the broadening of the senior leadership team to include non-family members in key decision-making positions for the first time. We conducted in-depth business planning sessions for senior managers at both of the firm’s regional offices, clarifying roles, decision making and communication processes.

We worked to align personal and professional development, coupling a caring family culture with the implementation of clear performance management techniques. While respecting the firm’s historically entrepreneurial approach, we positioned the company for present and future growth by establishing shared operating procedures across offices. We led multi-office meetings designed to delineate the shared mission, expand the definition of family to include owners, employees, customers and vendors, inspire a renewed sense of responsibly and inclusion across the enterprise, and achieve closer coordination between regional headquarters in New York and Columbus, Ohio.

“With Katzman Consulting’s help, our firm redefined our corporate mission and vision, coalesced as an executive team and truly became one unified company across many divisions and offices. KC helped us to identify and harness the talents of our entire team and to use them to guide us into our company’s next stage of growth”

ANDREA OLSHAN, CEO, Olshan Properties

Deutsche Bank

Since 2009, multiple KC associates have worked with senior executives in the Global Markets, Global Banking and Global Transaction Banking divisions supporting senior managers and their teams through leadership transitions and organizational restructuring.

We advised the bank’s Talent & Leadership group on the creation and execution of: talent management, community engagement, executive coaching, and diversity programs working directly with over 130 executives to date.

“Katzman Consulting is committed to ensuring that everyone they encounter is inspired to expand their capacity and explore their own potential just a bit more. They are serious professionals with wonderful senses of humor. When working with them, everyone wins.”

DIPALI CHAKRAVARTI, Senior HR Business Partner, JPMorgan Chase; former VP of Talent & Leadership, Americas, Deutsche Bank

Time Warner Cable
Endurance Services, LTD

We have worked over the years with this $8 billion Bermuda-based insurance and reinsurance firm, known for its market-leading risk management approach and strict focus on high-quality analytics, as coaches supporting the annual high-potential leadership program designed to advance this comparatively young institution to a position of leadership in its industry.

“Melanie Katzman offers a rare mix of compassionate listening, strong strategic thinking, academic grounding and good humor. She adds special value for women’s leadership issues as she readily understands the tensions and can relate to the needs of many prominent and successful women.”

VALERIE YANNI, Global Head of Talent Development and Training, Endurance Services Ltd., Bermuda & USA

Construction Information Systems

Co-founded in 1991 by Don Colabella, a former executive with a number of major New York City contractors and his daughter Chris, whose background is in finance, Construction Information Systems (CIS) has been the Northeast’s leading online provider of project information for the construction industry for more than two decades. We worked closely with the family to clarify next stage personal and professional goals, shift and articulate roles and support a smooth generational transition as Chris, the President of CIS, assumed the lead on all company operations, strategic planning and new product development.

A strong visionary and single mother of two teenage girls, we supported Chris as she has become a sought-after public spokesperson in a traditionally male-dominated industry.  Together we worked on strategy, delegation, increasing personal and organizational capacity and solidifying business and family boundaries.  As a result Chris successfully launched a new product line (C-Source – the most detailed online directory for the construction industry), codified sales training and is on the way to  achieving her goal of transitioning CIS from a strictly business-to-business online marketing company to a destination on-line community in her field.

“Our work with Katzman Consulting on building, growing and transforming our business while smoothly resolving any and all outstanding family and generational transition concerns has paid off for us in multiple dimensions. From our bottom line to our personal happiness to our professional expectations for the future, we look forward to continuing our advisory and consulting relationship with KC as we evolve our agenda to become a uniquely credible and knowledgeable voice in our industry.”

CHRIS COLABELLA, President, Construction Information Systems (CIS)

Hearst Corporation

We advised the publisher of Seventeen and her senior management team on tools and strategies to enhance collaboration between the editorial and publishing sides of the house. Our corporate offsite clarified roles, boosted morale, lightened the mood, and more tightly aligned editorial and sales staffs to meet their expanded and more tightly integrated business goals.

“Katzman Consulting helped our management group come together as a team by quickly identifying key business and interpersonal challenges and offering practical solutions to overcome them. Their insight was invaluable to our success.”

JAYNE JAMISON, Publisher, Seventeen Magazine and Redbook, The Hearst Group

University of Pennsylvania

We advised the senior management team of this private equity fund owned, North Carolina based, independent energy company on the conception and execution of a high stakes corporate offsite, applying our expertise in aligning varied and merged organizations in a highly tailored way to meet the organization’s unique needs.

Founded on a concept of cogeneration — the simultaneous production of electricity and heat from a single source or process — Cogentrix is poised to become a national leader in the development and production of lower-carbon energy from solar generation to natural gas production.

“Working together, participants came away with a greater sense of their individual strengths and how to apply them more successfully to our organization going forward.”

LINDA OKOWITA, SVP, Human Resources, Cogentrix Energy Power Management, LLC.


Over the years we have provided coaching and off site facilitation to MTV executives and their teams.  We worked with the content distribution and marketing group responsible for sales and contract negotiations for all cable affiliates.  We also advised the MTV digital team as their contribution became more and more central to the organization’s strategy and bottom line, requiring greater interdepartmental cooperation.

 We created development plans for individuals based on data gathered through in-depth 360 degree interviews and guided discussions that untangled complex group dynamics. During our engagement, MTV transitioned their focus from linear television to content creation made available across online portals, wireless, VOD and other emerging platforms. The rapid industry shifts, while providing the opportunity for innovative partnerships and pioneering marketing efforts, also generated a need to define new roles, forge clear conduits of communication across departments and develop leaders who could deliver results  from the front line of industry change.


We have consulted with Sherice Torres since her at first days at Nickelodeon to her position as Senior Vice President of Entertainment Products, Nickelodeon Consumer Products and BadAssMama-in-Chief of BadAssMama Enterprises, a lifestyle management brand designed to help women, particularly working mothers, “dare to design their best life.”

A regular contributor to, Felicity Huffman’s and a syndicated contributor on, Sherice graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and served as a management consultant with Deloitte & Touche before completing her MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Management. Among her numerous honors, Sherice was chosen as one of Black Enterprise’s 75 Most Powerful Women in Business (2009), Top 100 Black Executives (2008), and Crain’s Business Top 40 Under 40.

Our advisory work has spanned many phases of an expansive and adventurous career, from managing one’s personal brand to balancing the competing demands of work and family to more closely coordinating profession and purpose. A health enthusiast who initially kept her passion for fitness apart from her professional life, KC supported Sherice as she successfully integrated her personal and professional pursuits by pioneering health and wellness initiatives, and by creating pro-social partnerships that leveraged Nickelodeon’s brand to encourage healthy eating habits for children and their families. “At Nickelodeon … what’s good for kids is good for business,” says Torres, “With rising childhood obesity; we wanted to be part of the solution.”

This platform seamlessly expressed and fused her previously disparate roles as mother, consumer product specialist and social advocate, and helped to consolidate her personal brand to achieve her ultimate goal of living life with passion, compassion and intention.

“Katzman Consulting has been a valuable resource at many points in my career — from gaining my footing as a newly appointed vice president to re-framing my definition of success at mid career. Our work has not only helped me to become a better executive, but has helped me to become a better wife, mother and friend by teaching me to view my life holistically; to seek a bigger life in addition to a bigger job.”

SHERICE TORRES, Marketing Director, Brand Studio at Google; Senior BadAssMama-in-Chief, BadAssMama Enterprises, Inc.; Former SVP of Global Home Entertainment for Nickelodeon Consumer Products.

Red Thread Good Coffee-Sag Harbor, NY

Having initially resolved to work as a lawyer at a Wall Street firm for a “few years” after law school, in order to “gather some foundational training and then leave to change the world,” Vivian engaged Katzman Consulting after decades of successful corporate practice to reconnect to and ultimately develop a strategy for achieving her lifelong mission to ensure inclusion and respect for all. The advisory work began by strategizing ways Vivian could achieve system change while working within the established enterprise of her firm, and the legal profession, leveraging her legal expertise and the respect she had garnered over the years. As chair of her firm’s diversity program she introduced initiatives that shifted the field’s approach to inclusion, designed to produce a cascading impact through the entire vendor chain.

At the same time, Vivian began building her personal brand, preparing for her “next chapter.” Recognizing the importance of her voice in shifting public debate, Vivian became more purposeful in pursuing speaking and writing opportunities. Ultimately she decided she would not only speak about, but would indeed launch a novel line of consumer products and services, promoting a new way of doing business and provoking more conscious consumerism. Vivian left her law firm and captured the coherence of her wide-ranging interests, and her personal brand, in an entity she has called Red Thread Good, to signify the new web of connections defining her purposeful, versatile and flexible life. We continue to work with Vivian as she refines the Red Thread Good business ventures to support her continuing goal of changing the world and living her dreams.

“As I strive to live a life examined, and have greater focus on what is meaningful to me, Melanie has been the most insightful advisor. She is a fellow traveler on the road to changing the world for the better, and has been invaluable in helping me define and express my mission, and tie together what I had previously experienced as disparate interests. At a time of career transition and personal loss, she enabled me to shift my mindset from upheaval to possibility. As a result of our work, I am integrating my capacities as an attorney, artist, activist, philosopher and entrepreneur to model new ways of doing business , promoting possibilities for many while pursuing a profit and changing the perspective of people.”

VIVIAN POLAK, Founder Red Thread Good Dewey & LeBoeuf: Partner, Global Chair of Diversity, Global Co-Chair of Technology and Intellectual Property Department

Joy Jacobs Photography

Joy came to Katzman Consulting at an inflection point in her career. A skilled photographer from Boston she had been working in NYC for several years as a photographer’s assistant.  She was ready to branch out on her own but lacked a sustainable framework for her emerging company.  A naturally social professional, she found her new entrepreneurial life isolating.  Joy worked with us to generate a detailed business plan and budgets, job descriptions and recruitment ideas, time management, marketing schemes, workspace redesign and a method for creatively including her friends and family to energize her efforts.

We worked together to create an artist’s statement that reflects how and why Joy does the work she does and celebrates her unique capacity to effectively model professionalism and vulnerability with clients, capturing people in a way that allows them to see themselves in a positive light and for other viewers to experience the  enjoyment of the moment. Joy Jacobs’ client list now includes Banana Republic, Veuve Clicquot, Belvedere Vodka, Post-It, and the Standard Hotel where her work is often featured in their social media. In under a year Katzman Consulting structured the business and released Joy’s infectious spirit, allowing her to build a successful company and make NYC her home.

“In less than a year, Katzman Consulting helped me to structure a purely creative endeavor into a working business, allowing my team and I to graphically memorialize authentic happiness while turning a profit—and being invited to spend summer weekends in the Hamptons as the go-to photographer when StyleCaster takes a house in Southampton/Water Mill to host bloggers, press, CEOs, marketing execs and more”

JOY JACOBS, Principal, Joy Jacobs Photography


We  worked with the senior team at Logo (the LGBT  network owned by Viacom Media Networks along with channels like MTV, Comedy Central, TV Land, and Spike TV) as they launched on cable and digital platforms.

 We advised the senior team on new ways to better connect with and serve a previously underserved audience creating an entrepreneurial environment housed within the larger corporation. We changed the way the team thought about themselves and their jobs – they were not simply creating entertainment; they were generating social change in an inclusive, profitable way. Logo has since served as an incubator for innovation at Viacom, pioneering an industry shift from channel distribution to a convergent multiplatform content delivery strategy.

“Over the last decade and across four positions of increasing responsibility, Katzman Consulting has been my North Star.  They have provided perspective, clarity and a deep appreciation of my personal strengths, offering valued council on interpersonal dynamics, best practices in restructuring teams to respond to changing market demands and providing an important sounding board while I sought to inspire larger and larger groups within and outside of Viacom. On an individual level, knowing I had a true advocate and honest mirror increased my confidence and impact. For my team, KC’s advice has been critical in achieving our strategic imperatives, adapting our people to seismic change, and evolving new ways of thinking and conducting our business to succeed in the connected content age.”

KRISTIN FRANK, Board of Directors and Compensation Committee Chairperson, Gaia Inc.
Former EVP, Strategy, Revenue & Operations, MTVN

NYSE Liffe

We advised Daniel Hodson, CEO of the London International Financial Futures Exchange (L.I.F.F.E.) and his management team during the historic transition from traditional and manual “open cry” to fully electronic trading, as the organization transferred all of its futures contracts to what was to become the most sophisticated electronic derivatives trading platform in the world. We worked closely with traders and managers, the senior executive team and the board– negotiating the challenges inherent in the rapid drive to modernize this prominent London institution.

“Melanie’s professionalism, intelligence, sensitivity, patience and calm — as well as an ability to quickly see the fault lines — resulted in a significantly more motivated, mutually respectful and therefore effective group. Her contribution was enormous and her ability to deal with a very complex and engrained problem was highly impressive.”

DANIEL HODSON, former CEO, London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE)

The Francis Company

Initially an attorney overseeing News Corporation’s global intellectual property, we began advising Michelle at a point in her career and personal evolution when she was aspiring to operate more independently.  Our work helped Michelle articulate the lifestyle and the professional path she wanted to pursue.  Together we developed a plan that merged her commercial expertise and intellectual property law skill sets with her personal mission to work more closely with clients to enable them to develop, protect and truly profit from their ideas.

Over the last four years, Michelle has successfully built a boutique business and legal strategy firm advising on the effective ownership and use of intellectual property. The Francis Company now services a wide range of clients from international brands such as Mars, to established fast growing enterprises such as SoulCycle, and emerging entrepreneurs with truly novel products, such as StickerGum.

We helped Michelle solve life and work style implications inherent in the shift from in-house counsel at a Fortune 100 multi-national business to entrepreneur and supported her development of a business plan. We assisted in creating her professional visibility strategy that has broadened her clientele and the boundaries of her career and helped structure roles for her staff.

“Without the business acumen, psychological insight and entrepreneurial expertise that Melanie Katzman of Katzman Consulting delivered in support of my personal and professional transition from corporate lawyer to successful small business owner, I might never have made the leap in the first place – much less survived and succeeded at creating the professional and personal life I’d hoped for years, but never thought practical or attainable.”

MICHELLE FRANCIS, founder and principal, The Francis Company, past Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for News Corporation

Stonebridge Consulting Group, LLC

We provided individual coaching for managers in the production and programming teams. When the digital media departments of  VH1 and MTV were brought together under one general manager, we facilitated a series of intensive off-sites  generating a new organizational structure centralizing operations, product development, and design services while maintaining editorial and creative work at the brand level.

Carnegie Investment Bank

Over many years, we have served as a trusted advisor to Karin Forseke. Our engagement began when she was serving as COO of the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE). We later advised her in her role at Carnegie Investment Bank, a leading Nordic investment house, first as Head of International Sales and Sales Trading and then as CEO. Together we co-led management team conferences around the world designed to improve business discipline and leadership development.

During each of her roles, the organizations Karin was affiliated with weathered significant challenges as well as achieved exceptional success. Katzman Consulting has consistently provided a confidential sounding board.   Karin’s commitment to creating good governance continues, and we remain by her side as she refines and amplifies her mission to conceive and implement financial models that move from short-term profits to long-term returns, building companies that are responsible on the inside as well as the outside.

“As I have advanced, grown and transitioned between roles, organizations, nations and sectors, I have consistently valued the insights and counsel offered by Katzman Consulting as we have navigated the challenges and complexities of technological, social and systemic change. Adapting to dislocation in any landscape, personal, professional or organizational, is never easy; Katzman Consulting has helped me not only to profit and prosper through turbulence, but to be energized by the experience. At every inflection point, Melanie and her colleagues have been there, confidentially providing an empathetic, analytical, creative perspective on the obstacles and opportunities ahead.”

KARIN FORSEKE, Chairman of Alliance Trust; past Deputy Chair and Senior Independent Director F.S.A, England; CEO of Carnegie Bank, Private Advisor to the Minister of Financial Markets of Sweden

Northern Trust
Credit Suisse

We advised on growth strategies with Kimberly Yorio, founder of YC MEDIA (a food-and-beverage focused public relations firm specializing in retail brands, culinary talent, cookbooks, and restaurants) and the author / co-author of business books for women including The Girl’s Guide to Being a Boss, Without Being A Bitch; The Girl’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business; and Happy at Work, Happy at Home: The Girl’s Guide to Working Motherhood.

YC Media has worked with some of the biggest names in the food world. Our initial engagement centered on separating the book and publishing relations operations so that they complemented each other, and on developing distinct yet synergistic growth strategies for each of the separate businesses. Several years later, we returned to advise on next stage growth as the company was poised to expand its public relations business yet again and the number of new employees had increased significantly.

A team of people passionate about food, we aligned individual motivations and talents to Kim’s ambitious revenue targets, ensuring that we preserved the highly-valued “start up, scrappy, authentic, up for anything, personal” approach while embedding professional processes for internal communication and role clarification that enabled YC Media to maintain its growth trajectory.

“Since working with Katzman Consulting I’ve bought out my business partner and expanded the enterprise 30% in both revenue and profitability. By focusing on the tough questions, and tough solutions, we were able to grow both as a team and individually.  Today, we are meeting our targets while enjoying our work more – an outcome much beyond the scope of the initial engagement and more than I ever expected.”

KIM YORIO, Founder and President, YC Media