Goldman Sachs

KC associates located in the US, UK, and Europe began working with Goldman Sachs’ leadership in 1995 and the relationship continues to this day providing advice, coaching, and facilitation. Many of our associates worked closely for over two years with G.S. partners and their teams in NY and London to develop quantifiable behavioral measures for recruitment, development and promotion providing greater transparency, career mobility, and opportunity to recruit from a diverse employment pool. We advised the Technology Division of Goldman Sachs on the conception and roll-out of one of the first global competency-based performance review and career development initiatives in the industry.

Members of the KC team facilitated implementation and enhanced coordination between the Goldman Sachs in-house human resources teams and international cadres of coaches, and we evolved new leadership development training programs designed for employees at all levels of the organization. We also conceived and delivered leadership skills classes and trained the trainers to cascade programs globally while codifying and communicating complex concepts to diverse audiences.

“Our work with Katzman Consulting set a precedent in the field of human capital management – we accomplished our goals for Goldman Sachs and went beyond our objectives in shifting the paradigm of people development.”

NICOLE PAPPAS, CEO of PeopleVoyage; formerly Director of Education and Development for the Technology Division of UBS AG, and past Global Vice President of Learning and Development for the Technology Division of Goldman Sachs & Co.

Deutsche Bank

Since 2009, multiple KC associates have worked with senior executives in the Global Markets, Global Banking and Global Transaction Banking divisions supporting senior managers and their teams through leadership transitions and organizational restructuring.

We advised the bank’s Talent & Leadership group on the creation and execution of: talent management, community engagement, executive coaching, and diversity programs working directly with over 130 executives to date.

“Katzman Consulting is committed to ensuring that everyone they encounter is inspired to expand their capacity and explore their own potential just a bit more. They are serious professionals with wonderful senses of humor. When working with them, everyone wins.”

DIPALI CHAKRAVARTI, Senior HR Business Partner, JPMorgan Chase; former VP of Talent & Leadership, Americas, Deutsche Bank

Endurance Services, LTD

We have worked over the years with this $8 billion Bermuda-based insurance and reinsurance firm, known for its market-leading risk management approach and strict focus on high-quality analytics, as coaches supporting the annual high-potential leadership program designed to advance this comparatively young institution to a position of leadership in its industry.

“Melanie Katzman offers a rare mix of compassionate listening, strong strategic thinking, academic grounding and good humor. She adds special value for women’s leadership issues as she readily understands the tensions and can relate to the needs of many prominent and successful women.”

VALERIE YANNI, Global Head of Talent Development and Training, Endurance Services Ltd., Bermuda & USA