We have been a trusted advisor to Kristin Frank for the past ten years as she advanced from Content Distribution and Marketing, to her current role as Executive Vice President of Viacom Music and LOGO’s Connected Content Group where she plays a vital role in the most visited online music destination with nearly 60 million unique visitors each month.

While in Content Distribution and Marketing, we coached Kristin on ways to grow her internal platform combining business acumen with content creation. Our relationship continued when Kristin co-lead the launch of the LGBT channel, Logo. We advised her team on new ways to better connect with and serve a previously undeserved audience creating an entrepreneurial environment housed within the larger corporation. We changed the way the team thought about themselves and their jobs– they were not simply creating entertainment; they were generating social change in an inclusive, profitable way. Logo has since served as an incubator for innovation at Viacom pioneering an industry shift from channel distribution to a convergent multiplatform content delivery strategy.

When Kristin was promoted to General Manager of Digital Media at MTV and VH1, once again, Katzman Consulting was by the team’s side facilitating a merger of teams, creating and implementing a shared vision and re-organizing/redefining roles to achieve profit and growth without increasing resources.

“Over the last decade and across four positions of increasing responsibility, Katzman Consulting has been my North Star.  They have provided perspective, clarity and a deep appreciation of my personal strengths, offering valued council on interpersonal dynamics, best practices in restructuring teams to respond to changing market demands and providing an important sounding board while I sought to inspire larger and larger groups within and outside of Viacom. On an individual level, knowing I had a true advocate and honest mirror increased my confidence and impact. For my team, KC’s advice has been critical in achieving our strategic imperatives, adapting our people to seismic change, and evolving new ways of thinking and conducting our business to succeed in the connected content age.”

KRISTIN FRANK, EVP Viacom Music and LOGO's Connected Content Group

Hearst Corporation

We advised the publisher of Seventeen and her senior management team on tools and strategies to enhance collaboration between the editorial and publishing sides of the house. Our corporate offsite clarified roles, boosted morale, lightened the mood, and more tightly aligned editorial and sales staffs to meet their expanded and more tightly integrated business goals.

“Katzman Consulting helped our management group come together as a team by quickly identifying key business and interpersonal challenges and offering practical solutions to overcome them. Their insight was invaluable to our success.”

JAYNE JAMISON, Publisher, Seventeen Magazine and Redbook, The Hearst Group


We advised the senior management team of this private equity fund owned, North Carolina based, independent energy company on the conception and execution of a high stakes corporate offsite, applying our expertise in aligning varied and merged organizations in a highly tailored way to meet the organization’s unique needs.

Founded on a concept of cogeneration — the simultaneous production of electricity and heat from a single source or process — Cogentrix is poised to become a national leader in the development and production of lower-carbon energy from solar generation to natural gas production.

“Working together, participants came away with a greater sense of their individual strengths and how to apply them more successfully to our organization going forward.”

LINDA OKOWITA, SVP, Human Resources, Cogentrix Energy Power Management, LLC.