Joy Jacobs Photography

Joy came to Katzman Consulting at an inflection point in her career. A skilled photographer from Boston she had been working in NYC for several years as a photographer’s assistant.  She was ready to branch out on her own but lacked a sustainable framework for her emerging company.  A naturally social professional, she found her new entrepreneurial life isolating.  Joy worked with us to generate a detailed business plan and budgets, job descriptions and recruitment ideas, time management, marketing schemes, workspace redesign and a method for creatively including her friends and family to energize her efforts.

We worked together to create an artist’s statement that reflects how and why Joy does the work she does and celebrates her unique capacity to effectively model professionalism and vulnerability with clients, capturing people in a way that allows them to see themselves in a positive light and for other viewers to experience the  enjoyment of the moment. Joy Jacobs’ client list now includes Banana Republic, Veuve Clicquot, Belvedere Vodka, Post-It, and the Standard Hotel where her work is often featured in their social media. In under a year Katzman Consulting structured the business and released Joy’s infectious spirit, allowing her to build a successful company and make NYC her home.

“In less than a year, Katzman Consulting helped me to structure a purely creative endeavor into a working business, allowing my team and I to graphically memorialize authentic happiness while turning a profit—and being invited to spend summer weekends in the Hamptons as the go-to photographer when StyleCaster takes a house in Southampton/Water Mill to host bloggers, press, CEOs, marketing execs and more”

JOY JACOBS, Principal, Joy Jacobs Photography

The Francis Company

Initially an attorney overseeing News Corporation’s global intellectual property, we began advising Michelle at a point in her career and personal evolution when she was aspiring to operate more independently.  Our work helped Michelle articulate the lifestyle and the professional path she wanted to pursue.  Together we developed a plan that merged her commercial expertise and intellectual property law skill sets with her personal mission to work more closely with clients to enable them to develop, protect and truly profit from their ideas.

Over the last four years, Michelle has successfully built a boutique business and legal strategy firm advising on the effective ownership and use of intellectual property. The Francis Company now services a wide range of clients from international brands such as Mars, to established fast growing enterprises such as SoulCycle, and emerging entrepreneurs with truly novel products, such as StickerGum.

We helped Michelle solve life and work style implications inherent in the shift from in-house counsel at a Fortune 100 multi-national business to entrepreneur and supported her development of a business plan. We assisted in creating her professional visibility strategy that has broadened her clientele and the boundaries of her career and helped structure roles for her staff.

“Without the business acumen, psychological insight and entrepreneurial expertise that Melanie Katzman of Katzman Consulting delivered in support of my personal and professional transition from corporate lawyer to successful small business owner, I might never have made the leap in the first place – much less survived and succeeded at creating the professional and personal life I’d hoped for years, but never thought practical or attainable.”

MICHELLE FRANCIS, founder and principal, The Francis Company, past Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for News Corporation


We advised on growth strategies with Kimberly Yorio, founder of YC MEDIA (a food-and-beverage focused public relations firm specializing in retail brands, culinary talent, cookbooks, and restaurants) and the author / co-author of business books for women including The Girl’s Guide to Being a Boss, Without Being A Bitch; The Girl’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business; and Happy at Work, Happy at Home: The Girl’s Guide to Working Motherhood.

YC Media has worked with some of the biggest names in the food world. Our initial engagement centered on separating the book and publishing relations operations so that they complemented each other, and on developing distinct yet synergistic growth strategies for each of the separate businesses. Several years later, we returned to advise on next stage growth as the company was poised to expand its public relations business yet again and the number of new employees had increased significantly.

A team of people passionate about food, we aligned individual motivations and talents to Kim’s ambitious revenue targets, ensuring that we preserved the highly-valued “start up, scrappy, authentic, up for anything, personal” approach while embedding professional processes for internal communication and role clarification that enabled YC Media to maintain its growth trajectory.

“Since working with Katzman Consulting I’ve bought out my business partner and expanded the enterprise 30% in both revenue and profitability. By focusing on the tough questions, and tough solutions, we were able to grow both as a team and individually.  Today, we are meeting our targets while enjoying our work more – an outcome much beyond the scope of the initial engagement and more than I ever expected.”

KIM YORIO, Founder and President, YC Media