We are all together at home with a stocked fridge and heavy hearts. My husband works blocks away from the World Trade Center and was enveloped by the darkness (literal and figurative). He waited for the air to clear enough to see and breath, and hours later walked halfway home and was then able to get in one of the few running subways. He was a bit soot-covered and had a burning sensation on his skin that washed off, but was otherwise fine. I picked the kids up at school early as they were all starting to get upset there. The school let those kids with parents working near the WTC make calls and my son was one of the few to get through before the phones went down. He was a good big brother and found his sister, who was having her first day of middle school today (and therefore for the first time in their lives in the same school building). He reassured her that their Dad was fine. When I asked my daughter if she felt reassured seeing her brother in her classroom, she told me “NO, if he came to see me, then things are really bad.”

The odd thing is that today was such a clear, sunny day that all the smoke (you could see it all the way from our house uptown) just billowed through the sky on what otherwise should have been a beach day. Seems unfair to have the sun shine on such a sad day. For those of you from out of state, it was an election day today and obviously that was called off along with everything else. The kids’ school is canceled for tomorrow, my husband will try to go into the office if he can, and I will probably work at the New York Hospital Crisis Center trying to figure out a way to “reframe” this experience. As happens in these tragedies, New Yorkers are all talking to each other on the streets, and doing anything they can to help. It was busy on the avenues by our house late into the night, people outside eating, etc., however the sound of the Air Force planes in the sky was notably out of place.