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Since 1999 our global team of psychologists has advised CEOs, corporate directors, government agencies, entrepreneurs and heads of large family enterprises during periods of personal and enterprise growth, transition and crisis. By removing both the acknowledged and unspoken barriers between people and groups, we cultivate innovative strategy, enhanced inclusion, informed decision making, and successful execution.

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As experts in human behavior, we combine business acumen, global experience and psychological expertise to generate solutions that are practical, yet distinct from traditional management consulting. We provide sophisticated analyses informing negotiations, due diligence, and talent management. Specializing in group dynamics, we facilitate strategic meetings and recover relationships from breaches of trust.

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By expanding customary sight lines, we challenge individuals and organizations to recognize the potency of their position and the opportunity to have a more expansive, purposeful (and joyful) impact. Our work incites strategies that produce greater individual and enterprise energy and leave lasting legacies. Ultimately, our clients express a clear point of view, which matters profoundly to themselves and inspires others.

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